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Why you need to protect your email: Top 3 reasons to encrypt emails

82% of cases of theft, unauthorized access to confidential information, are caused by human error. That is a simple mistake of the employee, who was unable to keep the data confidential. It is not easy to fight with so many...


New Printing Technologies Benefit Businesses

When compared to more traditional printing procedures, thermography printing comes out on top. Printing with thermography allows you to use less ink and paper while maintaining quality. The durability and smear resistance of thermography prints can be quite beneficial in...


Why Small Businesses Need Local SEO

Have you ever wondered where to order the best street food in your suburb? Or have you ever thought about what pops out first when you search for the "best gyms" on Google? In this bustling contemporary world, it's no...


Advantages of Corporate Message Archiving

Message archiving is essential in the world of business. Most organizations today use email and text messages for daily business functions. Unfortunately, many organizations don't take text and email archiving seriously. This is a crucial best practice for any business...

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