Should You Get a Smart Phone, iPad, or Laptop from Singapore?

Nowadays, many people own a smart phone, iPad, laptop, or a combination of the three. While they all have similarities, they’re also different enough that none are interchangeable. If you’re planning on getting one, deciding which device you’d benefit from most might be challenging. This guide breaks down the four differences between an iPad, laptop and smart phone from Singapore so you can choose the one that suits you best.

1. Usage

How you plan on using your device is the best way to determine which one you need most. If you prioritise quick communication, consider getting a smart phone. You’ll be able to text, make calls, and use some apps that an iPad can have at a slightly weaker capacity. iPads are versatile and best for reading, watching videos, and drawing. It can also run games, albeit slower than a laptop could. A laptop from Singapore is the most powerful of the three, and programs aren’t restricted to shrunken-down apps for them to work.

2. Budget

Nowadays, finding affordable smart phones is easy. Many carriers sell older models for a lower price, so if you don’t mind having a slightly outdated smart phone from Singapore, it easily wins this comparison as the cheapest device of the three. In contrast, because the iPad and the laptop are more complex, they usually cost much more. The laptop usually has the most expensive options because of its power.

3. Portability

While all three are equally portable, the smart phone and the iPad from Singapore are the easiest to bring around. A smart phone can easily fit in your pocket, while iPads can fit in many bags. They’re also much lighter than laptops, especially if it has heavy-duty processors and other parts. Laptops also often need a separate bag so that you can bring other necessary components, like a charger. 

4. Applications

One of the worst cons of smart phones and iPads is that their programs must be converted into apps for them to work. These apps use less energy at the cost of being less powerful. Plus, if a program you use on the computer doesn’t have an app version, you’re out of luck. If you regularly use a program without an app version, you may have to resort to a laptop from Singapore.

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