Clare Louise


Advantages of Corporate Message Archiving

Message archiving is essential in the world of business. Most organizations today use email and text messages for daily business functions. Unfortunately, many organizations don't take text and email archiving seriously. This is a crucial best practice for any business...


What is an SDK? What do SDKs do?

If you've ever belonged to a company upgrading or structuring an application, you'll have come across the term SDK or software development kit for short. If you're a programmer, you'll already recognize the term. Yet online marketers, as well as...


White Label Google Ads Services, The New Black

As we go into 2022, business owners and marketers must learn to make the most of Google Ads' new features. What's more, by automating bidding, testing, and optimisation, you'll have more time to focus on research, strategy, and competition analysis....

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