Here are a Few Ways of Accessing Cheap Internet in the US

Accessing the internet is no longer a luxury that should be restricted to the rich of society. An internet connection has grown to become one of the most basic necessities in life. It helps people in almost every aspect of everyday life, be it travel, work, socializing, shopping, or anything else.

Unfortunately, this basic necessity is not as easily accessible as it should be. Numerous internet service providers in the country make the promise of offering affordable internet to people but end up charging for all kinds of unnecessary and hidden fees.

Fortunately, though, there are still a few ways of accessing the internet without making a giant hole in your pocket. Here are a few of them:

Opt for a Slower Plan

No matter what your current or potential internet service provider may tell you, you need to understand that a 1-Gig internet plan is not always what you need. Especially, if you are a family of two, whose maximum dependence on the internet is for browsing social media, streaming on a few devices, or working from home. 

Thus, before you commit to any internet service, you need to go through their entire portfolio and look for any internet plans that would be better suited for your needs. Oftentimes, an internet plan with download speeds only as high as 200 Mbps or even 100 Mbps is enough for you to have a smooth online experience.

Invest in Bundles

Bundling is another efficient tactic for acquiring cheap internet. If you require a TV service and phone service in addition to a high-speed internet connection. So, why not get all of them from the same service provider.

Several internet service providers in the country offer all or at least two of these services to their customers. By bundling, you would be able to access multiple services for relatively cheaper rates. Not to mention, that you would only have to deal with a single customer care team any time you need to make changes to your subscription.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Several internet service providers in the country enable their customers to rent connectivity equipment from them. For a non-technical person, this may seem a viable option as it eliminates the need to search for third-party equipment and go through the technical specifications of all the equipment.

However, if you know a little something about internet-connecting hardware, you might be better off finding your own equipment that can use for your internet connection. This might seem a bit expensive at the start but think of all the dollars you will be saving in the future by saving equipment rent.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

There are times when you cannot do anything to bring down your internet cost. And most of these times, your internet service provider may be at fault. As such, you must also search for substitutes in your region for service providers offering affordable internet. You would be surprised to find how much you could have gained only if you had started searching earlier.

Opt for Low-Income Support Plans

For the truly needy families in the country, several internet service providers offer plans that enable users to access reasonable internet speeds at relatively cheaper rates. Though, to be able to access these internet plans, one has to qualify for their low-income household criteria. After that, you may access significantly cheaper internet.

Few Reliable Internet Service Providers that Offer Low-Income Support

Instead of searching repeatedly for “cheap internet near me” on your search engine online, let us guide you toward some of the finest internet service providers that offer low-income support for reasonable internet speeds in the country.


First up is Spectrum, one of the elite internet service providers in the country. Not only does this service provider offer blazing-fast gigabit speeds to the residents of the country, but it also holds the Spectrum Internet Assist plan in its portfolio. If you qualify for this plan, you may enjoy download speeds up to 30 Mbps, uncapped data allowance, and a free internet modem within your subscription.


Xfinity also happens to offer low-income support with the help of the Internet Essentials scheme. Qualifying for this will enable you to access download speeds as high as up to 50 Mbps, depending on the region you are in.


AT&T is an internet service that has been around for quite some time now. Fortunately, it does not only offer Gigabit speed plans to the customers. Access from AT&T is a low-cost program that is accessible for people in more than 20 states in the country.

Wrapping It Up

You do not need to suffer through suffocating payments each month to be able to enjoy the valuable service that is the internet. So, do try out these methods as we hope they can reduce the strain on you. And if you need to subscribe to any of the internet service providers mentioned above, simply hop on to the BuyTVInternetPhone platform right now.