Why you need to protect your email: Top 3 reasons to encrypt emails

82% of cases of theft, unauthorized access to confidential information, are caused by human error. That is a simple mistake of the employee, who was unable to keep the data confidential. It is not easy to fight with so many potential mistakes. And it is often impossible without a clear understanding of how to cope with this avalanche of erroneous decisions.

You can get rid of most data loss by encrypting the information transmitted via Internet channels, particularly email. That’s why advice on encryption of email is more relevant today than ever. Experts have given their assessment of the risks that are relevant today.

Risk of loss of information when forwarding messages

Banks transmit relevant information to customers via email. Attackers are actually between the victim and the authentic address that the victim is trying to connect to. This is how they can spoof the bank’s email address:

  • to send customers their own messages;
  • requesting credentials to log into the account;
  • theft of payment card data.

Attackers aim to steal email information between banks and customers in any form, including to identify addresses and any other information, even in messages that are not important to financial transactions.

Data Compromise

Email is used to communicate with customers. That is why hacking or interception of emails that are not encrypted carries the risk of data loss, financial and organizational problems – theft of money, resources, information.

Such losses can be especially serious if an individual or a large company sends out newsletters to many clients simultaneously. Loss of confidentiality of information and making a large amount of data available to intruders is one scenario.

Delivery of authentic messages

Encryption will enhance one important function – the accuracy of mail delivery. Encryption also helps both the sender and the recipient of the email to verify that they have the email, sent from a real address.

There are other delivery authentication mechanisms as well. But encryption is a powerful tool for verifying the authenticity of an address and keeping data safe.

All the information obtained by intruders can be sold to an interested party. That’s why encryption of correspondence is first and foremost a company’s financial security.

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