What are some of the Open source Church Software that you can use?

When we say the best church software, what we generally mean is what best for your church. Chruch software can vary depending on its features and functions.

Therefore, when you are just stepping into the world of technology, you can try Free Church software that can give you the general idea about church management software.

What do you need to understand first, before using open source church software?

The word free has the power to make humans cheer. However, “free” does not mean good.  The same goes for church management software.

You can use open-source software if you are new and just starting on the path of using technology. Using open-source church software will help you to understand what church software is what you can do with it.

Later, you can move to sophisticated paid church software by paying for some of the best church software, which will help you to automate the functioning at your church.

List Of Some Of The Best Open-Source Church Software

Open church software is free as you need not have to pay any license fee or other kinds of payment to use church software. You can find some of the best church software that is open source and are perfect for use at your church.


Church info is popular free and opens source church software that you can try for your church. With ChurchInfo, you can keep track of members, donations, and payment. Keeping track of church members, volunteers, and finance are some of the basic features and functions of church management software.


ChurchCRM is another open-source framework that you can use at your church. Church CRM gives you the ability to manage the following:

  • Calendars
  • Finances
  • Fundraisers
  • Memberships
  • Volunteers
  • Sunday Schools


Excellerate is open source church software that you can customize depending on the size of your church. The software is free to use if you have about 50 members at your church. If you have more than 50 church members, you have to pay for using church software. The Excellerate is perfect for the small churches that are new to using technology.

Working Church

Working Church is church management software that you can use to keep track of donations, events, and members at your church. You can also use the software to conduct staff attendance. The software is free to use up to 25 members.

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