Cybersecurity for growing businesses in 8 easy steps!

Five Ways To Protect Your Company Against Cyber Attacks

Increasing cyberattacks and security breaches have caused panic within the business world. In fact, many businesses are okay with increasing their cybersecurity budgets, if that helps in preventing a breach. Hackers and cybercriminals have found means, methods and ways to hack almost all types of devices, networks, and other IT resources. Unless a company is proactive and tries to counter cybersecurity concerns by playing forward, it’s hard to avoid the possible consequences. 

Numerous reports suggest that a considerable number of companies have no clear outline for minimizing the damage after a breach, and are not ready for such incidents. In this post on cybersecurity, we are discussing things that are easy to manage. 

  1. Employee training. This has to be the first step for preventing hacks and breaches, because employees are in charge of IT resources, including IP cameras, DVRs, servers, networks, and laptops. 
  2. Email filtering. Most malware and phishing scams can be traced back to spam emails, and therefore, email filtering is an important aspect of cybersecurity. Ensure that your employees know what it takes to spot a suspicious email. 
  3. Block unwanted sites. Many companies are already doing this, but ensuring that employees don’t access malicious or suspicious websites from company networks and computers is a wise step. 
  4. Make the most of firewalls. Every networked device must be placed behind firewalls, which works like the basic level of security. Firewalls can help in detecting any kind of suspicious activity, depending on what is being used. 
  5. Access control is important. Ensure that there is a limit to employee access rights. Only people who must have access to particular data and resources should be granted access, and for that you can consider using an access right management suite. 
  6. Update all software and firmware. Ensure that patched updates are installed immediately, and if you have old legacy software on company computers, get them removed right away. Similarly, operating systems must be updated regularly. 
  7. Use password management tools. There are password managers that can handy for employees to store, retrieve and generate passwords. Ensure that default passwords are changed immediately, and all new passwords are complex and strong. 
  8. Spend on cybersecurity team. Consider hiring a cybersecurity team in-house, if your company can afford the same. Many companies also prefer taking inputs from experts from time to time, so as to manage cybersecurity policies better. 

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Ralph Burks
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