Backlink Usages and The Right Options Now

Before you do your best to get more backlinks, it is wise to make a baseline measurement. You make a baseline measurement by mapping (and analyzing) your own link profile.

How do you do that?

Analyze your link profile

If you read something about link building, it is directly about getting new backlinks. It is quite strange.


  • It is not you not your backlinks, but your link profile that determines your position.
  • You can easily analyze your link profile when you focus on the visitor.

Does the reference to your website make sense? Does it help the visitor, or is it just there to improve your position? For example, does a link from an internet marketing blog really make sense when you have a career advice website?

  • The value of the page
  • The number of links on the page
  • No follow or Follow
  • Anchor text or anchor text

The downside of checking your backlinks for these factors?

You skip the most important elements: the RAT. You can spend hours focusing on the numbers and data (and yes, they are important too), but the RAT does it all. You can buy backlinks and have the best deals in every way.

Link building in practice: look at the RAT

The RAT method represents a different way of link building. With this strategy you will be ahead of your competitors and at the same time experience a lot of resistance.


  • Few people agree with the strategy. Google is still expected to check backlinks like they did years ago.
  • Although Google has devised the page rank and based on that determines the value (and position) of a certain page, link building is a form of search engine marketing that Google prefers not to have.
  • Link building and getting backlinks can be manipulated. I can pay people, force links, buy (or start) websites and link to me and there are countless ways of link building that work nice and fast.
  • Suppose we, you and we, are Google and have a large budget to track down these types of practices.

Would we do this?

Would we punish people who try to trick our system?

We must realize that Google is immensely powerful and has enough manpower and budget to track down and punish cheaters.

How can it be different and do you still have to build link building?

Whether and how you can best deal with link building depends on how you view backlinks.

My advice?

Use the RAT. Let others work with the big-step-home-quick strategies and while that can be frustrating at times (it still works in some cases), sooner or later you’ll laugh the loudest.


Ralph Burks
the authorRalph Burks