With these 5 steps an Instagram company profile is created

Instagram is one of “the” social media channels of the hour . Not only private users have long since discovered the platform for themselves. More and more companies are jumping on the popular channel and trying to use it for their own social media marketing . An Instagram company profile is mandatory!

Not only because this is an obligation for a company without, but also because a lot more options and information are available to your own company. In addition to the professional display of appropriate advertising, an Instagram company profile also gives you exciting information about the target group of your own company page. More info here

The conversion into a company profile is currently still a challenge for many. Granted, the conversion function is a bit hidden. But the fact is that activating your own Instagram company profile is done very quickly. The only requirement is an existing Instagram profile – and about 2 minutes of time!

In order to convert your existing profile into a company profile, you must definitely use your smartphone or the Instagram app. An existing Instagram profile cannot be converted into a company profile via the desktop.

As is well known, Instagram sees itself primarily as a mobile app solution and with this step remains true to itself and its line in a certain way.

Step 1: Open your existing Instagram profile

In the Instagram settings you can find the menu item “Account”. Next, just tap on the menu item “switch to professional account” and you will start converting into a company profile.

Step 2: choose the right category for your company profile

Now follow the instructions and first select the category of your company. This can, but does not have to be shown in the profile. So you have the free choice and can choose accordingly. If you want to reach new target groups who do not yet know your company, it is certainly easier if the category of your company can be seen at first glance.

Step 3: Select business profile and enter profile data

Now the profile can be created either as a “Creator” or “Business profile”. Select the business profile here and then enter the business email address, the business telephone number and the business address. So you have given the most important information about your company immediately and do not have to do this afterwards.

Step 4: Link the Instagram company profile to the Facebook page

Now link the Instagram page with the corresponding Facebook page. This can also be done at a later point in time. Linking to Facebook is not a must to create a company profile. However, it has great advantages if you link both profiles together!

For example, you can publish a post in both channels at the same time. But you can also display your ads cleanly and efficiently from the Facebook Business Manager in the future.

Step 5: Enter the associated web address

In the last step, the web address for the company must be entered. This means that followers can now access the company website even more easily.

Finished! The Instagram account has now been completely converted into a company profile.

And don’t worry: an Instagram company profile can be deactivated at any time.

Interesting side note: there are rumors that company profiles on Instagram get less reach than private accounts. In the meantime, Instagram has commented on this and confirmed that the profile type of an account has no influence on the reach of a profile.

Instagram “Insights” – another advantage of Instagram company profiles

The new contact options are good improvements, but profiles are mostly changed because of a crucial feature, namely Instagram Insights .

The demographic information is structured similarly to the Facebook page statistics. These are extremely helpful and can give a lot of exciting statements about your own target group!

  • When are the followers usually online?
  • Which gender is most represented?
  • How is the age distribution of the followers?

This and much more can be viewed in the “Insights” of your own company profile. This not only enables your own account to be better set up, but also of course to gain even more reach.

Of course, Instagram offers this function for a reason. Almost 500,000 companies now use Instagram ads. Watch Instagram stories of your competitors anonymously with (ex.  Companies need information to track their performance. Instagram now makes this available with “Insights”.