Why Small Businesses Need Local SEO

Have you ever wondered where to order the best street food in your suburb? Or have you ever thought about what pops out first when you search for the “best gyms” on Google? In this bustling contemporary world, it’s no wonder that most small businesses shifted their marketing strategies online because that’s where their target audience will be. The top results that pop out when you search aren’t always “the best”, sometimes not even the ones you hoped for (instead of a sports gym, you end up looking for sports equipment to buy, etc.). Thanks to the majestic competence of experienced local SEO, you will be able to allure your local community to your business or produce. Here are some of the vital reasons why using a local SEO will make your small business reach the top.

What is local SEO?

Your local search engine optimization would use mainly Google to help you improve your local business’ visibility and reachability in the local sphere. Amongst numerous sites and businesses on the web, sometimes it can be utterly hard to find an eligible target, grow your website’s organic traffic, and lastly, expand your customer base. Thankfully, if you were to hire an experienced local SEO, they will help your brand appear at the top of the search engine result. Even though users may need to answer a “near me” question, the search engine will still help promote your services to local customers helping your business thrive. 

Local SEO – Yes or No?

Image by Vicki Hamilton from Pixabay 

When it comes to the benefits of hiring a local SEO for your small business, the advantages are huge. Almost half of the Google queries are local, and if you are looking for a way to reach potential new local customers, then you need the help of a local SEO campaign. Hence, it’s a YES. To cut the long story short, local SEO automatically help increase your website’s rankings in the search result so it’s safe to say that this will attract more neighboring customers. What’s more, if your business is close to where someone is conducting their search, you’re more likely to be found by a potential new client, outrank local competitors, and earn more qualified leads.

Benefits of local SEO 

Small businesses have a lot to tackle, besides the fierce competition and the constant need for strategic marketing, hence it’s logical that they would need the help of professionals to push them forward. Most local SEO combines the practice of all eCommerce SEO strategies. They help secure your position in Google’s local 3-pack, enabling you to be on top of search clicks. What’s more, you get an imported conversion rate, boost your long-term search engine ranking, and maximally upscale your business visibility on a local level. Local SEO uses its expertise to apply tools such as Google My Business and other directory citations to assist many private individuals without even having their websites. It’s fair to note the greatest benefit of using local SEO is to ensure your business is easily found through directories or social media channels, and especially to outrank any local competitors.

In addition to the above-noted benefits, here are some other reasons why a small business would need a local SEO:

▪         Help local customers and users find you

When a person searches for certain produce, besides the classical word-of-mouth notion, they would automatically resort to some search engine. However, the information about your business may reach the potential customer too late, or maybe not come to them at all, due to various directories. If you were to hire a local SEO to make people get acquainted with your business, they would surely make any customer visit your store in no time. This means that if around 70% of consumers search for a local business, with the help of a CEO they would find it almost instantly because due to their assistance you would be found in a local search result or Google Maps. 

▪         Represent a strategic and cost-effective marketing solution

Nobody nowadays goes out on street handing out leaflets. As those marketing solutions are now dated and inefficient because of the outburst of internet use and social media, doing things online and reaching out to consumers through SEO techniques is the way to boost your business’ reputation. To manage your business reputation and information in online directories, you should set up local business listings across the web, and using local SEO represents a more cost-effective option for online advertising. 

▪         Publish, promote, and optimize localised website content

If your business has only one location, creating an “About Us” page would help deliver detailed and vital information to end-users. Take advantage of local SEO services and increase your traffic locally by creating unique content for your page to publish and optimize it adequately.

▪         Delivers qualified search traffic 

Those who aim to reach an audience who are interested in the product or service that your small business is offering should provide relevant local results based on proximity and intent. Using the help of local SEO will help weed out searchers who aren’t likely to contact your business and target people who are interested in your field of business. Someone from a different city probably won’t see your company pop up in search, but those who are just five miles away from your business would.

▪         Reaches ready-to-buy costumers

According to statistics made in the previous year, around an amazing 80% of local searches made from mobile devices had been converted into sales. Thanks to the help of local SEO, a small business can have its services put forwards to the customer at the exact moment of their search. If you are looking for a florist nearby, typing in a basic search question will lead you directly to the service or shop and give you all the necessary information about the business and where to find them.

In the end, opting for localized content will help you effectively engage with your audience and establish more signals for Google’s crawlers to pick your small business up and assess it. Altogether with the engagement of local SEO, you build a genuine community that will help your business thrive.