Top Solar-Powered Camping Gadgets

Batteries have made all manner of innovative new devices possible. It’s strange to think that they have been around for so long because it is only now that batteries have exploded in use. This is largely thanks to the many different applications the advancements in battery technology have made possible. Without the lithium battery, in particular, we would have no laptops, smartphones, or car batteries. And even battery products that have been around for what seems like forever, AA and AAA batteries for example, have been updated to new li-ion versions with smart battery capabilities, as is evidenced by those produced by the likes of Pale Blue Earth

Solar Power and Camping 

Another thing that batteries have made possible is on-the-go power. Combined with the capabilities of solar technology, this has even made recharging those same batteries possible when you’re far away from a power source (or, at any rate, a power source that isn’t the sun!). Such technology has naturally seen a very wide range of applications, but perhaps where it has been most effective is in solar electric devices for camping.

The thing about camping and hiking is that you are usually out in the open space and that means, beneath the great vault of the sky with nothing between you and the sun, you have a great opportunity to charge up solar-powered devices. This is the primary reason why so many solar-powered hiking and caping gadgets have been produced. 

The Top Solar-Powered Camping (and Hiking) Gadgets 

So, what are these wonderful items of technology that can bring a level of comfort to your camping trip that would have been impossible as little as a decade ago. Read on to find out:

Solar-Powered All-In-One Charging Kits

Solar-powered all-in-one charging kits essentially resemble small boxes with handles and a multitude of sockets for all manner of devices. Such devices can hold serious amounts of power and charge up almost any gadget you care to bring along with you. And the best ones also come with a foldable solar panel, which means that the kit itself does not need to be too big (although they are usually a fair size just so they can hold a lot of charge). Most of them are about the size of a car battery, so hardly too difficult to bring along, considering how useful they are. 

Solar-Powered Radio/Flashlight

For those deciding to really go off-piste, this is a camping device built for survival. A flashlight can be incredibly useful as you enter the pitch black of the countryside at night, and radio allows you to receive weather updates or other such vital information. 

Solar Phone Case 

Granted, getting a signal can be pretty difficult when you’re out and about, but your smartphone is still a very useful piece of kit to bring along with you. These innovative cases usually include a solar panel on the back to charge your phone and are particularly robust, meaning you can save your phone from high drops or getting wet as well. 

Portable Solar Shower 

A portable solar shower is the solution to cold water washing while you’re away from civilization. It takes the form of bag, which you fill up with water before leaving it in the sun to absorb energy and heat up the water just like a kettle. Then you hang it on a tree and enjoy a shower – anywhere! 

All these innovative devices make use of the one energy source which is usually in abundance when you’re exploring the great outdoors. It would not be unreasonable to say that solar power has done nothing less than revolutionize the camping experience.