Remote Working and Mental Health

The impact which the Pandemic has given us and also the restrictions that it has brought along with it are really challenging. The Pandemic which has caused a large number of people to sit at one place within those same walls has caused a lot of harm and declination of Mental Health. People and mainly employees have reported large cases of poor Mental Health.

The stress that they are facing at their home office is ultimately changing into burnout and this is further resulting in severe decline and loss of productivity. The immediate and unknown shift from one work environment which was full of enthusiasm and people to another work environment that had no one caused great hardships for the employees.

The employees are now having a sense of loneliness within themselves and also a feeling of complete isolation. This transition has especially been tough for those employees who were extremely extroverted and enjoyed being around a lot of people and their colleagues.

There is a sense of loss of support on the part of employees. They feel that they do not get appropriate and required support whenever they need it. Moreover, the concept of working from home has proved to be really pressurizing for the employees. They are expected to manage their homes as well as their office work at the same time.

Even though the employers do keep a track of the employees through employee monitoring software still, they cannot really get inside the brains and minds of the employees and know what and how they are exactly feeling.

We have come up with some basic ways which might help all the employees out there to keep a balance between their work and Mental Health. Let us discuss some helpful ways.

Ways to keep Mental Health a Priority during Work from Home

  • Keep Connection – A major issue while remote working is that employees are not meeting one another and hence, are feeling isolated and alone. Therefore, keep in mind to stay connected with all your office friends and your family so that you do not feel that you are left unsupported or neglected.
  • Take appropriate breaks – If you keep on working and do not take breaks in between it might lead to burn-out which might further lead to any other biological ailment. Thus, you must always remember to take consistent breaks in between your tasks. This would make you feel refreshed and energetic whenever you would return to your desk. The small breaks can be a stroll in your garden, a coffee break, a quick interaction with your family, or any other thing which you might like.


  • End the comparison – When we compare ourselves to our co-workers or even to people around us, we develop the imposter syndrome. In this syndrome, people have a feeling that they are inadequate and less capable than the people around them. They develop self-doubting tendencies.


Hence, to come out of this situation, one must immediately stop comparing himself/herself to their co-workers. Just make yourself remember all the capabilities and uniqueness that you have.

Thus, Mental Health issues are something that are highly active in this world. If they are left unseen or neglected, they might cause serious damage to the individual from within. Hence, keep your Mental Health above anything else.

Ralph Burks
the authorRalph Burks