Randy Moses


YouTube Views and Purchasing

One must understand your apprehension about purchasing YouTube views for your channel. It is true that if you buy views from an automatic service that produces fraudulent 'bot' accounts and users, your account may be shut down, which is why...


The Societal and Economic Impact of Illegal Gambling

An extensive study conducted by Australia`s Productivity Commission shows costs of family crisis associated with problem gambling constitutes nearly two-thirds of the overall societal cost, inclusive of economic cost. This implies excessive gamblers make a disproportionate contribution to the overall...


How a Smart Home Security Camera Works

Smart home security camera has changed tons lately. Smart cameras are less expensive than they want to be, are accessible in both wired and remote forms, and may connect with the web, so you'll screen your property from almost anyplace....


How to find broken backlinks

Broken links are a major concern to all websites. These links are those which lead to non-existent pages or resources. Broken links could either be internal or external. Internal broken links are those broken links that lead to other websites...


Cybersecurity in 2020: The basic rules still matter!

The ongoing 2020 pandemic has caused massive economic disruption. As many economies limp back to normalcy, businesses have a tough road ahead. While some have downsized operations, others are dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, like ensuring social distancing...

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