Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

In the last decade, concerns about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) have been met with resistance from some who think that AI will take jobs from people. But for web developers, that is not necessarily true. The use of AI in website design will change lots of things but for the better.

What is AI?

AI is simply machine or computer intelligence. It is the ability of computers to learn from their environment and function efficiently towards achieving a goal. AI, as a concept, has been around for ages, but in our day, advanced technologies have made it possible to bring realities in AI to life. Today, we talk about self-driving cars and intelligent machines.

And even in the field of web development, AI is present. The needs of modern internet users are dynamic and change almost every year. Some things that are relevant now may be obsolete in 6 months. That makes it difficult for developers to create products and solutions that will retain relevance for a long time. But thanks to AI, this problem can be effectively managed.

AI in Web Development

There are several ways in which AI can be used in web development. The most common uses are:

  1. Predictive analysis: When planning a website, a developer can deploy AI models to predict the needs of the target audience. The predictive model uses data collected from various sources to analyze trends and then create future models that developers can then apply to their design.
  2. Creating complex designs: AI can be used to create complex graphics and themes for website design. For example, AI-generated portraits that look like images of real people are being used on countless websites today. By inputting certain parameters for a website, AI can also generate themes that fit the context and goals of the proposed website. Developers can also use AI to predict the performance and UX of a website after it is built.
  3. AI-powered service care: To reach thousands of users these days, websites hire developers to integrate intelligent chatbots. Chatbots can interact with clients at any time of the day. Typical use cases include taking orders, retrieving information, resolving certain disputes, creating offline tickets, e.t.c.

Deploying AI in Website design can improve your skills and help you to land high-paying clients. Web developers must embrace AI and see it as a tool to be used in their careers.