4 Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic

We are now living in the new normal because of the recent pandemic that hit our world. adjustments had to be made especially for businesses and companies. Employees were forced to work from home and make the necessary adjustments to still get their work done.For people that work in the financial sector, this means that they have more freedom in the devices they use to contact clients. However, the financial sector is filled with regulations and different laws that focus on data protection and companies must find ways to effectively monitor their employees’ communications. Here are 4 tips on how they can do so:

  • Document which communication platforms the employees are using.Firms can advise which devices they prefer for easier recordkeeping.
  • Increase surveillance on employee communications. Firms can review their employees’ communications after using their call monitoring and other recording solutions to retain business-related messages.
  • Update key terms for eDiscovery and communications monitoring. Companies with outdated monitoring practices may create multiple false positives or fail to capture the complete picture of a conversation.
  • Implement the use of a reliable mobile archiver.

These are some things firms can implement regarding their communications monitoring in the pandemic. To learn more, check out this infographic by Telemessage, the company you can trust to secure SMS messaging.