Most people are using their android devices to play games. Many major gaming studios have kept this in mind and now produce games,especially for smartphones.  The devices, too, have undergone a huge transformation to support this. For example, the screens have become more extensive, and the device’s processing power has increased.   If you enjoy playing games on an Android device, then there is no doubt that you are alwayslooking out to improve your android gaming experience .Check for more info

Here are a few tips:

1.GAMING MODE: Sometimes, when you are in the midst of a nail-biting finish or about to win a fight, suddenly there will be an interrupting ring or notification.  Such distractions can prove costly, especially when you are on the brink of winning.  To prevent such situations, there is an app called Gaming Mode.  This app has free and premium versions for download.


  • It manages notifications, blocks all alerts, auto-rejects phone calls, and clears background apps.
  • Options are available to configure exceptions for calls from certain people and alerts from specific apps.
  • Also, as soon as the game is launched, the Gaming Mode app can adjust the volume to a specific level.
  • The app can switch to Gaming Mode for every game or manually select.
  • The best part is that this app works for other apps such as Netflix and so on

2. GOOGLE PLAY GAMES APP: This app acts like a central dashboard wherein all your achievements and leaderboard rankings can be kept track of.  This app is available for free download.


  • The Android’s Instant gameplay feature allows the user to try the games before downloading them.
  • The Google Play Games has tabs for exploring new or trending games, viewing content and tips, and editing your profile’s details, such as Gamer ID and display picture.
  • The game’s progress can be synced to other devices through Google play games. This is useful if you want to perform a factory reset on your phone.
  • A streaming tool option is available wherein your gameplay can be live-broadcast. There is a little window to show yourself through the front-facing camera.

3. DO NOT DISTURB MODE: If the part of downloading third-party apps does not appeal to you, then you can adjust your phone’s built-in notification settings. These settings come preloaded on your phone.


  • You can specify which notifications you do not want and the duration of the mode, allow repeat calls,etc
  • There is a page for exceptions that lets you manage the events even when the ‘do not disturb mode is active
  • The ‘do not disturb’ tile can be moved to the Quick settings page to allow for quick access

4. GAME SETTINGS ADJUSTMENTS: Many games have setting adjustments to personalize the gameplay.   For instance, you can modify the audio levels and the camera. You can also pare down the graphics if there are frame drops.


Mentioned above are just a few apps and tips to help you enjoy the best Android gaming experience.  More built-in options and apps are added to stop disturbing distractions as the days go by.