Privnote is the secure, private, and temporary way to text

Text messages are when you hit send, you lose control. At any moment, your private conversations could be exposed through leaks, hacks, or accidental forwards. To keep your communications confidential, you need a messaging system designed for privacy. That’s where Privnote comes in. Privnote is a free online platform that lets you exchange notes that self-destruct after reading. It’s perfect for sharing sensitive information without leaving a permanent record. Read on to see how Privnote can help you text and chat more securely.

 Normal Messaging

Standard SMS text messages, chat apps, and email provide almost no protection for your conversations. Any of these communications could be compromised:

  1. Recipients easily screenshot or copy your messages before forwarding them to others.
  2. Snooping apps covertly monitor the contents of your texts and chats if your device is hacked.
  3. Phone or account breaches allow criminals to steal your entire message history.
  4. Metadata from chat apps tracks who you talk to and when you message them.
  5. Devices retain message history even after you think you’ve deleted conversations.
  6. Cloud backups create copies of chats that are out of your control.

Once you send a standard message, you have essentially no power over what happens to the information. It’s a prime target for leaks, hacks, and unintended sharing.

Privnote’s Auto-Delete Security 

The key to Privnote is its auto-delete feature. Users compose a note, set an expiration timer, and share it via a unique link. Once viewed, the note automatically deletes itself from Privnote’s encrypted servers. how does privnote work? Recipients have no way to save, screenshot, copy, print, or forward the messages. After reading, the note instantly vanishes forever. This gives senders back control. You get to dictate how long your messages exist before they’re scrubbed clean. Whether it’s a 5-minute expiration or a 7-day max, your notes will disappear on your terms.

Customizable expiration times 

Privnote’s expiration timer is adjustable based on your needs:

  • 1 minute: Ideal for one-time passwords or other info needed for just a moment.
  • 1 hour: Let you discuss sensitive topics that shouldn’t linger in inboxes.
  • 1 day: Covers longer conversations while limiting exposure.
  • 1 week: Good for communications you want to access again within a reasonable timeframe.

But you find the right timeframe for each situation. Customizable delete timers give you granular control.

Metadata tracking

Privnote also prevents invasive metadata tracking. Most chat apps secretly monitor your contacts and read receipts, usage times, and other behavioral data. Privnote cuts off this surveillance. There’s no access to your contacts, identities, IP addresses, usage logs, or anything else. Your chats stay completely anonymous.

Additional privacy settings

On top of disappearing messages, Privnote has a few supplementary privacy options:

  • No forwarding – Recipients can’t pass along your notes or share access.
  • No copies – Notes can’t be printed, screenshotted, photographed, saved, or cloned in any way.
  • Password protection – Add a password layer so only authorized parties can view your notes.
  • End-to-end encryption – Privnote uses the strongest encryption protocols to protect your data.

Together, these features create a uniquely secure messaging environment. Your chats and texts essentially become temporary – viewable only in the moment before being wiped out.