How to find broken backlinks

Broken links are a major concern to all websites. These links are those which lead to non-existent pages or resources. Broken links could either be internal or external. Internal broken links are those broken links that lead to other websites or pages on your domain while external broken links are those which lead to pages or websites to other domains.

Broken links could be due to the deletion or removal of the page which is linking which is commonly called link rot. The other cause could be linking pages to the wrong URL. When you find a broken backlink, it is a good idea to purchase backlinks. It is also important to find broken backlinks but too many visitors click on it. Here are some tools to help you find broken backlinks.

Site Audit

Side Audit is a great tool to find broken links on large websites. These tools crawl through the entire website to find any broken links and identify all of them. Site Audit works equally well for both external and internal broken links. 

Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker

Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker is the best tool to find all the broken backlinks to your website. It provides a report with all the URL which returns a 404 code on the site. This is done using URL Rating (UR), reference domain count, and several backlinks. It is also very easy to sort all of this information. The default order of arranging these links is through URL Rating (URL). 

Monitor Backlinks

You can find broken backlinks in Monitor Backlinks by creating a backlink list using keywords or URLs of competitors. It can also suggest you a list of likely competitors or you can make them yourself. It will then run searched on the list of companies which you have and create separate backlinks report for each website. This will have a lot of numerous domains. Using the backlink report, you will get full information about the number of broken backlinks and you can then purchase backlinks.

High chances of getting broken backlinks are from those pages which have been publishing a couple of years ago or maybe even more. There is also an option to filter the backlink report to show you a certain type of results, like broken backlinks or even complete changelogs


These tools would find all the broken backlinks for your website or from other websites as well. After finding the broken links on the site, try to fix it as early as possible so that it does not affect the website. Or else, you could purchase backlinks.