How do companies price SEO services?

How do companies price SEO services

Do you want to know how SEO pricing packagesare done?This guide can give you the answer to your question.

SEO packagesand pricescan differ a bit, relying upon numerous factors. You may have understood that there are plenty of alternatives—a lot of pricing models, SEO companies, and price points.

As per a few comprehensive research by the wonderful people at, you could end up spending not more than $25 per hour. However, a price range that extends does not assist anybody. So, let us have a look at a few figures and the benefits/drawbacks of every SEO pricing model.

  1. What can be the cost of hourly SEO?

Hourly SEO services Cummingmight look like a worthy investment. In the end, you realize exactly how much you will be spending. Whatever hourly charge you discussed or accepted before is what you will pay. Relying on the working hours, you can correctly estimate what your total bill will appear like.

The peace of mind related to this system is not without quality. But SEO projects can take more time than you’ve expected. Also, if you prefer the services of a reputable SEO specialist, the charges can be a bit higher.

You can expect to spend somewhere between $75 and $150 an hour if you are planning to get quality work performed.


Having a fixed hourly fee lets you plan a budget accordingly and very closely control how much you are investing.


Paying an SEO specialist on an hourly basis means they could end up punching the clock instead of remaining focused on outcomes.

This SEO pricing model is best for very small websites and those who want to handle everything by themselves.

  1. How much will the cost be for performance-based SEO?

This SEO pricing model is still new as compared to other models. Moreover, there aren’t many performance-based SEO alternatives obtainable to small enterprises.


Having performance-based SEO pricing means that the clients do not pay if their website rankings do not improve. This lowers the risk exposure for clients.


As rankings vary every day, it is not possible to forecast what your ranking will appear like every month. That translates to a flexible monthly charge.

This type of pricing model is perfect for small and local enterprises with limited resources or potential advantages to paying for a retainer.