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Get locked up with the best Minecraft server around!

Minecraft has been around for years. You've played it, you've conquered it. But what if there was more to the game? What if there was something for those of us looking for new challenges? Minecraft Prison Servers take your game...


The Societal and Economic Impact of Illegal Gambling

An extensive study conducted by Australia`s Productivity Commission shows costs of family crisis associated with problem gambling constitutes nearly two-thirds of the overall societal cost, inclusive of economic cost. This implies excessive gamblers make a disproportionate contribution to the overall...


Biometric Technology: a brief history

Fraud prevention is a priority that banks must never forget to foster a safe environment for their consumers. Technological development brings advantages and risks that bank executives, employees, and stakeholders need to address.  Among the authentication method used by banks nowadays...

How do companies price SEO services

How do companies price SEO services?

Do you want to know how SEO pricing packagesare done?This guide can give you the answer to your question. SEO packagesand pricescan differ a bit, relying upon numerous factors. You may have understood that there are plenty of alternatives—a lot...

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